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Dry Eye Evaluation

doctor doing dry eye evaluation on older lady Dry eye syndrome is a condition where the eye is not receiving enough lubrication from the tear layer. It can happen due to poor quality of tears or inadequate amount of tears.
Symptoms of dry eye syndrome include: Sore Eyes, Burning Sensation, Gritty or feeling of something being inside your eyes, Watery Eyes and Red Eyes.

There are many risk factors that increase your risk of developing dry eyes:

1. Age- more common after age 50
2. Systemic Diseases- Sjogrens Syndrome, Diabetes, Thryoid Dysfunction, Lupus, Rhematoid Arthiritis and other Auto-Immune conditions.
3. Computer/Electronic use- When you work on digital devices, you don't blink as much- which causes less tear release and drier eyes.
4. Smoking
5. Post-Menopause
6. Medications- many prescription medications have a side affect that causes Dry Eyes.
7. Allergies- Environmental (Year round or Seasonal)

We offer many treatment options to alleviate Dry Eye Syndrome:
1. Artificial Tear Drops- the first step is to supplement you tears, the drop we recommend is based on what type of Dry Eye you have.
2. Nutritional Supplements- to build up the quality of your tears
2. Prescription Medication- if it is deemed necessary Drs. Mayer, Shah or Yost may prescribe you ophthalmic eye drops to relieve the dryness, such as Restasis or Xiidra.
3. Punctal Plugs- conserving you tears, by putting in silicone or collage plugs in the drainage system of your eyes
4. MGD Expression- expressing the oil glands to allow higher quality tears, that won't evaporate as quickly
5. Scleral Lens- a rigid gas permeable lens that lubricates the eye with a very large volume of saline over the cornea

Dry and red eyes Although there are many treatment options, the first step is a Dry Eye Evaluation where we do a series of test to measure your tear production and tear evaporation rate.

Please call and schedule your Dry Eye Evaluation if you are suffering from this condition. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.