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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy

Child reading book with glasses
Vision Therapy is like "physical therapy" for the eyes and brain. It is a highly successful non surgical treatment for many visual disorders such as lazy eye, eye turn, double vision, tracking issues while reading, teaming/coordination issues, and eye focusing problems.

In our office Dr. Shah treats Accommodative Dysfunction, Ambylopia (Lazy eye), Strabismus, Convergence Insufficiency and Eye tracking/teaming issues.

These visual disorders can make it very hard for children to properly read, write and learn.

ONE in FOUR children have vision related learning problems! Often times, these children give up in school, and are misdiagnosed with behavioral issues or ADHD.

Here is a great video demonstration on how children can pass a screening with 20/20 vision BUT still have visual disorders that will make it hard for them to read and learn in school.

Vision Therapy Evaluation

Boy with tracking issues being tested by Visigraph
If you have noted any of the above visual disorders or notice your child isn't at grade level and may be struggling with reading properly. Come schedule a Vision Therapy Evaluation with Dr. Shah. The Vision Therapy evaluation thoroughly tests the visual system, including focusing system, tracking and motilities, vergence ability, Developmental Eye Movement Test, and may include the Visigraph if deemed necessary.

Visigraph is an amazing tool we recently acquired for our little patients. The Visagraph uses infrared sensors to track eye movements while you read a passage based on your grade level, and then compares these eye movements with expected norms. The Visagraph, in tracking the eye movements, measures whether or not the eyes are working as a team to process information. The Visagraph measures and graphs eye movements, such as left to right movements, number of pauses while reading, length of pauses, moving right to left and down to change lines, and reversals of eye movements.